The Yes Hello Club


Conversation pleasantries keep us connected as human beings. Not just mindless nodes in a communication network. In the Yes Hello Club we often start an interaction with a friendly phrase such as "Hello!".

If someone has shared this with you or has this link in their profile, it means they appreciate the pleasantries when getting chat conversations started. Do still be polite, and feel free to have social conversations!

Consider this conversation:



How are you?

Fine thanks!

Can I ask you a question?


Awesome! My question is ...

This is the answer ...

Aw jeez, so simple. Thanks!

To get the answer took nine messages.

How do I join?

Joining the no hello club is simple! Follow the guidelines above and never start a conversation with "Hello".
Feel free to add a Yes Hello Club link and logo to your profile, website or as a custom Slack emoji: